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Advanced CPO Executive Protection Training Beijing, China

An inside look at our team’s recent advanced CPO Executive Protection Training in Beijing, China. Scopus’ teams go through continuous training, reinforcing and sharpening their skill set and know-how, so as to provide our clients the most professional and expert service possible. View

New Website!

Scopus Security LTD has just gone live with a newly designed website. The website is updated and upgraded. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hands-on “Operational Training” For Commercial Sites In Ukraine

The cost-effective and comprehensive program developed by Scopus Security serves as a good example for other commercial businesses looking to bolster their internal “checks and balances.” Although there was no specific threat to the Silver Breeze Center in Kiev, Ukraine, the Center’s management wanted to ensure a secure and stable environment for its tenants, patrons, and shoppers alike. Read

Alex Kornhauser, Former Intel Israel President and VP of Intel Corp, Managing the Site EOC During a Drill at the Israeli Site

During the past week, Scopus’s CEO and Founder, Gal Nir, had the opportunity to sit down and interview Alex Kornhause, Chair of the Advisory Board for Scopus Security Solutions. Read

Staying Ahead Of The Curve With Executive Protection

Today’s executive protection (EP) services require a higher level of flexibility and personal tailoring to meet complex operational needs. Read

"Operational Driving" Training Course took place in Bucharest, Romania

What would truly be needed? What is a necessity to learn? From these pertinent questions, a training program, titled “Operational Driving”, administered on two levels—Basic and Advanced, was successfully created and launched. Read

Charleston Regional Business Journal: Disaster Preparedness

Understanding risk helps businesses cope with physical threats, disasters. CEO and Founder, Gal Nir, stresses the importance of a business being prepared in light of a disaster. Read