As part of a family’s two-week vacation to the Middle East, which began in Jordan and ended in Israel, Scopus Security was tasked to provide executive protection, logistical support and 24/7 tactical intelligence monitoring. The trip was logistically complex, which was compounded by the security risk level that fluctuated due to geopolitical developments.

Two months prior to the visit, Scopus Security met with the client, his family and their security director in the US in order to provide them with a better understanding of the level of risk and requirements in Jordan and the special logistics and details such a trip entails. Everything from what special equipment and clothing to bring (with special attention on entering holy places) to arranging medical supplies in case of emergency in more remote locations.


Scopus decided on a low-profile approach and on using several vehicles as well as a helicopter to shorten distances, decrease risk factors and enhance the overall experience.

Once briefing the family was completed, and prior to the visit, Scopus Security made 2 separate trips to Jordan to assess every aspect of the journey including inspecting the hotels, airports, briefing the pilots and meeting with representatives of the Jordanian Air Force from whom Scopus Security hired the Super Puma military helicopter for the family’s visit to Petra.

All activities in Jordan were to be conducted jointly by Scopus Security’s local Jordanian team and the Israeli team, who would accompany the family throughout their vacation.


Operational Driving Training
Residence Security Training
Executive Protection Training