Scopus was tasked with the challenge of providing security, in the field of public order, for what is considered as the largest aviation operation in Europe. An estimated 45,000 Jewish pilgrims were expected to transit through Kiev’s airport during the Uman period. Scopus’s plan was to provide public order for 15,000 passengers on 76 different El Al-affiliated flights within a time frame of 48 hours within Terminal B of Kiev Boryspil International Airport.To logistically support such a massive international operation, Scopus, along with its Ukrainian counterpart, provided 40 trained security personnel on site.

Moreover, given that the airline is Israeli as with the majority of the corresponding passengers being Israeli or of Jewish origin, it was subjected to a greater threat level. This risk was further heightened given the recent anti-Semitic attacks, including the destruction of a Jewish tent city by Ukrainian nationalists in the proximity of this operation, leading to the possibility of similar occurrences, including small-scale radical protests nearby the airport from which the pilgrims were departing.


Scopus’s Management, Intelligence and Personnel teams were assigned to support this world-wide operation. Given the large amount of participants within a concentrated space and limited timeframe, a great deal of planning and preparation was needed for the operation in advance; this preparation period spanned  3 months. This was a vital period, ensuring the proper safety equipment would be on the premises, understanding the layout of the locale and coordinating activities between Scopus staff, their counterpart in Ukraine, and El Al staff in Ukraine as well as airport police and other special law enforcement agencies, including counter-terrorism units.

Coordination prior to arrival included:



Intelligence gathering via Scopus Intelligence Desk, both before and during the operation.



Briefing of Scopus personnel separately and with El Al security, airport security and other special forces in Terminal B prior to operations.



Provision of tactical equipment to personnel, including communication devices, badges, flashlights, safety vests, medical equipment, and the proper accommodations to ensure preparedness for the 48-hour duration of the operation.



Preparation of combined command post, including emergency numbers and additional information needed for the operation, including an agenda with a timetable that covers the whole operation.


establishing executive protection team
family vacation
presidential delegation from africa