We were tasked with putting together an executive protection training program for a prominent businessman’s existing team in London, UK. Part of the challenge was learning how to work with an experienced team, without creating too many objections, and carrying out an extensive training program within just 10 days.

The training of the team started with a few simulations regarding suspicious objects and personnel. The Scopus team guided the existing team in realizing areas of improvement as well as accepting new security concepts and methods of operation.



The main objective was to upgrade the team’s skills and mindset, so they can better manage routine and emergency situations. This included training the team both inside and outside the client’s residence in several countries around the world.

Scopus began with outlining the potential risks to the Principal and his family, as well as present a comprehensive security concept & mode of operation, security protocols & training and finally, command & control.

Activities included:



The aim was to make them hard targets by creating multi-layered security rings, with dedicated & trained 24/7 security staff who will respond to medical & emergency situations. Tight access control measures were to be put in place to fortify inner ring.



Secure transportation from departure to arrival (from A to B), which included advance activities, avoiding routine and changing routes. The mobile team, supported by tactical monitoring & intelligence, would quickly respond to emergency & medical situations whilst in transit.



Pre-planning and coordination between security team and event coordinator, emphasizing access control, security of venue and emergency procedures.



Covert security operation making use of parallel infrastructure, a cover story, advance activities, TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) and limiting the number of people present and in the know of meetings.

Following the completion of the key findings phase, Scopus had the necessary conditions established in order to implement the training process and provide a new security model

The new security model suggested making use of two teams. A newly recruited team will focus on the Principal and family’s daily routines (domestically & internationally) and focus on securing them whilst in transit. The existing team will ensure the security of the residences and support the new team when needed. Both teams will operate as one unit, managed on a daily basis by a Team Lead, who will oversee the security operation for the family. This model will be supported by a command and control center, which will provide all operational intelligence required.


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