Scopus Security is an operational and consulting firm who offers hands-on, tailor-made training programs for individuals and corporations, alike. When, CEO and Founder, Gal Nir, was formatting Scopus’s training courses, he thought about the whole sphere within the security realm. What would truly be needed? What is a necessity to learn? From these pertinent questions, a training program, titled “Operational Driving”, administered on two levels—Basic and Advanced, was successfully created and launched. 

When one thinks about an Executive Driver, one may not immediately think about the complexities that the driver faces on a daily basis. But, the Executive Driver has a great deal of responsibility between his hands; the driver is responsible for the safety of themselves, the passengers and other vehicles on the road. Yet, the responsibilities, may include more than simply driving safely. In today’s business world, the driver is given the task of successfully executing their passenger’s daily plans and being a sort of concierge. To be an Executive Driver, in a fast-paced environment, the driver must possess “forward thinking”; how to plan alternative routes, constant and up-to-date vehicle maintenance and even potentially life-threatening, “what if”, situations. Scopus’s “Operational Driving” courses reflect these critical elements and integrated each into a rigorous, yet successful, framework. The Executive Driver is not simply, “another occupation”—it is a mindset.

Recently, an “Operational Driving” training course took place in Bucharest, Romania for Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), a "Big 4" corporation with a network of firms in 157 countries with more than 184,000 people. The multiple day course was a great success. It was very exciting to witness the drivers improvements while, simultaneously, incorporating essential security techniques, learned through our Scopus instructors, which are integral for Executive drivers and thus the safety of all PwC employees.

Scopus’s courses provided the Executives and Executive drivers with better security and traffic safety. The course intertwined aspects of executive protection which helped in developing the security and business needs of the driver. Furthermore, Scopus provided an A to Z analysis on the art of operational planning by studying potential routes for routine or emergency situations that the drivers might face. With the conclusion of the course, a tactical field exercise was administered where the drivers were tasked with the development of a normal daily schedule, which they were required to evaluate all potential elements, and put it into action in an actual urban environment. At the courses completion, Scopus was more than thrilled with the results.

Scopus looks forward to administering more successful tailor-made training courses in the field of Operational Driving. It is a pleasure knowing that we have had a first-hand, positive effect on the safety of our clients and therefore, one of our global hubs, Bucharest, Romania.

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