Today’s executive protection (EP) services require a higher level of flexibility and personal tailoring to meet complex operational needs. In addition to standard EP packages, agents are now expected to assist with a variety of everyday corporate VIP needs – travel management, local procedures, last-minute itinerary changes, and more.

It is therefore increasingly important that EP agents develop good communication with the VIP clients for maximum coordination and safety effectiveness throughout the operation.



Customizing a close protection operation today must include EP professionals evaluating the business values and corporate culture of the VIP client. An effective EP team should develop shared guidelines and convey standard operating procedures to the client:

1. Standardize the risk and security program: A standardized program is measurable and repeatable, but with built-in flexibility to meet individual clients’ demands when tailoring is needed.

2. Set measurements for success criterion: This ensures that clients have reasonable expectations, and that the EP team can concretely demonstrate success.

3. Schedule regular communications briefings with clients: The VIP should be informed of what works and what should be avoided, as well as be provided with the opportunity for feedback.

4. Link risk initiatives to corporate values and needs: Demonstrate to the client that values are aligned, as well as cost-effectiveness for each EP service being provided. (In the face of often pricey security detail requirements, the client must understand the bare minimum investment needed to employ an effective EP program.)