The cost-effective and comprehensive program developed by Scopus Security serves as a good example for other commercial businesses looking to bolster their internal “checks and balances.” Although there was no specific threat to the Silver Breeze Center in Kiev, Ukraine, the Center’s management wanted to ensure a secure and stable environment for its tenants, patrons, and shoppers alike.

The Silver Breeze Center is a modern, state-of-the-art office and shopping complex located in a historic residential area in the outskirts of Kiev. The main objectives of the Silver Breeze management were to ensure business resilience and continuity of operations, with a focus on personnel training:



The customized training program for the security personnel integrated advanced Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) and security special operations. The exercises were provided on-site in Kiev, including both the Silver Breeze management/personnel and local law enforcement authorities.

In addition, Scopus conducted a few of the modules in Israel, flying in key members from the management team. To overcome any cultural or language barriers, Scopus included Russian-speaking trainers in the modules.

To effectively prepare for a variety of scenarios, Scopus provided the following instruction:

  1. Suspicious indicator recognition, such as body language training to detect deception.

  2. Techniques to quickly shift from routine activity to contingency-specifying functions during an emergency.

  3. Theoretical training that showed instructional videos and discussions on different types of attacks.

  4. After each practical exercise, a “debriefing” was conducted to ensure comprehension of the exercises.

Because Scopus Security already has extensive experience working with high-profile clientele in Eastern Europe, the Scopus team is able to swiftly develop tailored and flexible security solutions for a variety of commercial centers in the area. Modules are hands-on and pragmatic, including both theoretical instruction in a classroom and explicit training in the actual business environment to practice with real case scenarios.

Scopus Security’s tailored plan focuses on training that provides security personnel with the required tools to cope more effectively with criminal activity and counter-terror threats. Ultimately, practical ‘hands-on’ engagement will ensure that your company is suitably equipped to handle a range of potential scenarios and ensure business continuity.