A presidential delegation from Africa (confidential) made plans to visit Israel, requiring comprehensive executive protection arrangements on very short notice. The private visit, which was defined by the President as a “working holiday,” included business meetings, personal meetings, and sightseeing.

During the course of the 2-week visit, the President and his security detail resided in 3 different hotels and a luxury villa located in central Israel. The team arrived in the country via two private planes, as well as an incoming commercial flight.

Scopus was in charge of transportation, logistics, and security for the entire delegation from start to end of the visit in Israel. In addition, Scopus was meticulously accommodating to the personal needs of the President, including his ongoing responsibilities managing everyday domestic matters in his home country. Scopus provided the President with an advanced and secure communication platform to ensure the President’s continuity of activities.

One of the key challenges in executing the operation was that Scopus was informed of the visit with a mere 6 ½ hours notice. Due to this situation, Scopus was forced to promptly fill any gaps regarding missing equipment, special personal requests, and other sensitive aspects required to manage this complex operation.


Scopus was effectively equipped to meet the challenge of a last-minute operation because it already had a well-developed standard package in place – with the flexibility to create a tailored program according to the delegation’s needs. The Scopus package included 9 presidential configured vehicles, an experienced executive protection detail, radios, briefings/debriefings capacities, and budget control mechanisms.



Although the protection detail was provided to cover the needs of the entire delegation team, the main focus was on the protection and convenience of the President himself.



The security plan (including an emergency contingency plan) was designed in accordance with the variety of venues and the entire presidential convoy, including briefings/debriefings tailored to the President’s personal security team arriving from abroad.



Scopus conducted preparatory exercise drills with the African security team on a daily basis, including awareness exercises and convoy emergency contingency plans (including alternate routes and safe locations across Israel).



Scopus offered a set of alternate plans for ensuring continuity of presidential activities. Logistics could include activities as mundane as maintaining laundry and accommodating the President’s personal chef providing regular meals.


Operational Driving Training
Residence Security Training
Executive Protection Training