We are the proven resource for worldwide security and risk management.

Our mission & values

To inspire an environment of vigilance against threats in order to protect individuals and
business continuity.

Scopus is trusted worldwide for full-scale operational security. Our four hubs around the globe provide unique local insights and
overarching geopolitical intelligence.

We deliver professional, cost effective security and safety measures tailored for your situation.

Our executive management draws on unmatched experience to offer a unique and comprehensive security approach addressing the needs of government, corporate, institutional, and private sector enterprises. Contact us for more information.


Scopus expertly combines intelligence, technology, advanced techniques and continual training in security and operations within a culture of readiness and demanding measurable results.

Client Focus

We keep the client’s needs and capacities at the forefront of flexible strategies to deliver comprehensive custom solutions.


Our team constantly reevaluates the changing security and business environments and approaches challenges creatively.


First and foremost, we protect the security of sensitive information and the confidentiality of our clients as we assess and affect threats to an organization.

Business Development

Our fiscally prudent security solutions minimize impact on the operating costs of the company while improving its image for investors, creditors, suppliers and clients.

Unique Holistic Security

Our strategy, simply put, is a mindset of readiness. Our approach is systematic.

We bring together a balance of intelligence and preparation then integrate it with your framework. We help you reset the security focus of your organization with proven effective procedures that are quietly active around the clock.

Our Advisory Board is made up of international experts in the areas of aviation, corporate and physical security, counter-terrorism and defense, adding immeasurable value to our clients. You have access to their exceptional talents and vast knowledge in the fields of Security Detail and Risk Intelligence. This intelligence base establishes our clients in a superior position of knowledge - perhaps the most valuable component in risk mitigation.

Scopus will analyze your current security procedures and conduct a thorough Risk Assessment. We will help you identify and measure areas of vulnerability how to deal with them quickly and effectively.

Next we will develop Team Optimization. Your security personnel will be motivated and actively involved at every level as we prepare them with advanced security skills and clearly defined roles. The training will be intensive and thorough. We will continue to communicate with your team and be available for on-going support.

Our experience in corporate environments will be invaluable for the integration of your security plan without disrupting business flow. Our measures take into account your current manpower, technology, budget, and overall corporate mission, for a discreet and optimized security solution ready for any eventuality.

Executive Team

Leonard S. Coleman
Board Member
Horatiu Floresco
Board Member
Offer Einav
Board Member
Benny Orr
Board Member
Shlomi Arvatz
Board Member
Serge Korchia
Board Member

Gal Nir

Gal Nir

Founder & CEO - Israel

  • Over 30 years’ experience in the government and private security roles.
  • 10 years’ experience at Intel Corporation in security-management roles, including Global Director of Numonyx BV, an Intel subsidiary.
  • Overseas operations agent on behalf of Israeli Security Service.
  • Former security manager at Ben Gurion International Airport, former Air Marshal with El Al Israeli airlines.
  • Held rank of Major and Commander (Army Reserve) of the Chief of Staff Security Unit in the Israeli Secret Service and Israeli Defense Forces.

Kevin Sun CPP

Kevin Sun CPP

Director of Scopus China

  • Over 20 years’ professional security experience in Asia for some of the world’s leading firms.
  • Former Regional Security Manager of China for DHL Express and other private sector management experience.
  • Certified Protection Professional by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Shanghai chapter of ASIS.

Nilo S. Pomaloy CPP

Nilo S. Pomaloy CPP

Director of Scopus Philippines

  • Over 20 years’ regional corporate security experience throughout Asia in a capacity for several major multinational corporations including Intel Corporation.
  • Former regional Security Manager for HP in Asia involved in security operations, investigations, and supply-chain security.
  • Certified Protection Professional by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).
  • Member of the Board of Directors for TAPA Asia Pacific Region.

Ivan Ivaniuta

Ivan Ivaniuta

Director of Scopus Ukraine

  • Specialist in developing and managing private sector security operations, particularly in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Melitopol and more) and neighbouring countries.
  • Extensive private sector security management and special operations experience.
  • Former Senior Commissioner Office against organized crime.
  • Former intelligence and operations agent at Interpol.

Tomer Ben Zvi

Tomer Ben Zvi

Director of Operations - Israel

  • Overseas operations agent on behalf of Israeli Security Service.
  • Former security manager at Ben Gurion International Airport, former Air Marshal with El Al Israeli airlines.
  • Extensive operational experience in maritime security and training.
  • Served in elite IDF Naval Commando Unit.

Bat-el Ohayon

Bat-el Ohayon

Director of Intelligence - Israel

  • Extensive academic and professional experience in security and intelligence.
  • Specialist in sub-Saharan African affairs providing risk assessments to business executives and large multinational corporations.
  • Former manager and senior intelligence analyst for a major geopolitical and security company in Israel as a Francophone Africa specialist.
  • Master's degree in Security Studies & Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University, B.A. majoring in Political Science & History from McGill University.