Director of Special Operations

Tomer draws from his military operational experience to provide highly integrated approaches to business challenges. He is a former member of the elite IDF Naval Commando Unit (Fleet 13) and Israeli Secret Service. He was the security manager at Ben Gurion International Airport and an Air Marshal with El Al. Specializing in financial risk management and training, Tomer provides Scopus with his unique perspectives of balance between security countermeasures and financial aspects.

Tomer specializes in Marathon security and training, through years of operational experience, which was acquired during his service in the Navy Seals. He is still active in the Army Reserves in the Special Ops of the Navy Commando.

Tomer has his BA in Business Administration from The College of Management, Tel Aviv, and an MA in Finance from Baruch College, New York. The combination of higher education and a strong background in security has allowed Tomer to develop and implement a unique approach that provides balanced security counter-measures in a cost-effective manner. Tomer resides with his family in Tel Aviv, Israel.