An international company turned to Scopus to assist its executives who needed to visit the locale of an ongoing project located in a high-risk region of the Philippines. The region is a known hotbed of rebel and militant activity, with past attacks by both entities aimed at local as well as foreign targets. The security situation was therefore very fluid. The executives needed to fly into the region from the capital city, and then drive several hours to the location, and preferred to return to the capital on the same day.

The challenges presented in this mission were multi-layered and required that the Intelligence Desk join forces with the Operations team, in order to put together a detailed and informed security plan. The plan addressed the logistical as well as physical threats posed by such a high risk operation, and used in-depth analysis and real-time intelligence and monitoring as its foundation.


Scopus’s Operations branch joined forces with the Intelligence Desk and put together a detailed security plan, based on an in-depth analysis of the current risks in the area of interest, and involving several executive protection teams.

Furthermore, tactical monitoring of the location, the route that would be used by the teams on the ground, as well as the situation in the country as a whole was conducted in the lead up, and over the course of the visit. This risk assessment enabled the Operations team to give the go-ahead for the mission, while the real-time intelligence provided during the mission ensured they would be aware of any potential disruptions at all times and be able to coordinate their actions.



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