An international company specializing in renewable technology tasked Scopus’s Intelligence Desk with analyzing the current economic, security, geopolitical, and business situation in several countries they were considering for their next location in sub-Saharan Africa.

The challenge laid in the need for an in-depth, multi-layered understanding of the company’s operations, the various fields of activity, as well as the current situation in the countries of interest. To address this challenge, the Intelligence Desk needed to present all of these factors to senior executives in a succinct report that would address their concerns.


Scopus analysts began by understanding the company’s operations, their risk appetite, and the motivations behind this desired expansion. A senior analyst specializing in each of the countries of interest in sub-Saharan Africa was put in charge of the corresponding section of the report, ensuring that the information and analysis included in the report would be provided by a well seasoned expert.

The fact that the Intelligence Desk uniquely comprises known experts and senior analysts is key to Scopus’s approach to intelligence, and is demonstrated in the depth of knowledge that they impart in their reports. Finally, the full report was presented to the senior company executives by the Intelligence Director.


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