Scopus is positioned to meet any personal protection security need, local, national or global.


Executive Protection

Personal risk of individuals is a reality for many organizations. Their importance to the operations of an organization, their wealth, or even their political or religious affiliations can make them targets. Scopus Executive Protection is a scalable service that can include personal protection, secured logistics, travel and local intelligence, security vehicles and more. We take care of your people so they can focus on your business operations.

Secure Transportation

Scopus can provide transportation in secure vehicles with thoroughly vetted drivers. You will arrive at your destination in comfort. It’s a comfort in knowing the professionals at Scopus have covered off all the details and are prepared for any eventuality so you can focus on your own activities. Our flexible transportation services are fully scalable to ensure that you and your people get where they need to be, safe and on schedule.

Travel Security

The complexities of travel can make it one of the most stressful operations for your company. Scopus will manage every aspect of your travel arrangements from aircrafts and vehicles to accommodations to ensure you are secure and are able to make good use of your time. Our intelligence support allows for traveller tracking and emergency response when necessary. And, like all Scopus services, it is readily scalable to accommodate your needs.



Airport VIP transport


Executive and personal protection




Medical care


Residence security


Secure transportation


Tactical travel monitoring and reporting


Travel security

Case Studies

Establishing an executive protection team in china

We were tasked with establishing an executive protection team for a client in China. In this context, Scopus was to recruit and train relevant candidates within a limited time-frame.
Scopus sought out experienced local candidates as well as international/Israeli candidates as the client desired to have a team which was made up local personnel that was familiar with the local environment and an international contingent that had previous worldwide executive protection experience.

Presidential delegation from africa in herzliya, israel

A presidential delegation from Africa made plans to visit Israel, requiring comprehensive executive protection arrangements on very short notice. The private visit, which was defined by the President as a "working holiday", included business meetings, personal meetings, and site seeing. Scopus was in charge of transportation, logistics, and security for the entire delegation from start to end of the visit in Israel.