Scopus takes steps to mitigate risks before they impact you or your business.

Leading Intelligence

Without proper information, security is just reactionary. The Scopus Intelligence Service employs senior leading analysts with academic and military backgrounds. We provide a broad spectrum of perspectives covering everything from international to on-the-ground local issues pertinent to your operation.

Our reports include accurate, comprehensive, in-depth analyses in your areas of focus. This proven service is an essential tool. As your business operations expand, dependable intelligence is key to your success and the security of your people and business.

Additionally, we can provide tactical pre-travel insight and active monitoring options during your trip. Our Travel Security Reports are put together in synergy with our Operations branch, so you can have a worry-free trip.

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In-depth Analyses


Market Entry reports


Tactical Monitoring


Travel Security Reports

Case Studies

Creating an intelligence based security plan for visit in high risk region in Philippines

An international company turned to Scopus to assist its executives who needed to visit the locale of a major project located in a high-risk region of the Philippines. Scopus’ Operations team joined forces with the Intelligence Desk and put together a detailed security plan, based on an in-depth analysis of the current risks in the area of interest.

In-depth risk analysis on new African location for expanding company

An international company specialising in renewable technology tasked Scopus’ Intelligence Desk with analysing the current economic, security, geopolitical, and business situation in several countries they were considering for their next location in sub-Saharan Africa. Scopus’ analysts began by understanding the company’s operations, their risk appetite, and the motivations behind this expansion.