Scopus can take your company’s security to a higher, more efficient level.

Extensive Corporate Experience

Scopus consultants are highly respected professionals in corporate security. Having led several major multinational corporations, our consultants have executed large-scale security projects in locations such as Australia, China, Europe, Israel, and the United States. We have a long track record of success. This experience gives us unparalleled insight into cultural differences, local regulations and customs.

Effective Custom Built Programs

Every project is unique in scope and goals. Our consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your issue. We will use this information to custom build a program that is practical and scalable in execution. It will fit seamlessly into your company’s environment, accomplishing your goals with a minimum of impact on your business affairs.



Emergency Planning & Crisis Management


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Event Security


Red Team Operations


Simulations & Drills



Case Studies

Security at boryspil international airport, ukraine

Scopus was tasked with the challenge of providing security, in the field of public order, for what is considered as the largest aviation operation in Europe. An estimated 45,000 Jewish pilgrims were expected to transit through Kiev’s airport during the Uman period. Scopus’s plan was to provide public order for 15,000 passengers on 76 different El Al-affiliated flights within a time frame of 48 hours within Terminal B of Kiev Boryspil International Airport.

Securing company vacation crete, greece

A leading-Israeli telecommunication company decided to send its employees and family members on a vacation to Crete, Greece. The plan was to have 300 patrons arrive for 3-days, to be repeated in 10 cycles over a 5-week period, equaling, in total, 3,000 guests. The elite resort that was chosen for this summer vacation was “Out of the Blue Capsis"